Call Reporting


Call Detail Records

  • Real-Time call logging is available via the portal. From, to, call duration, date and time, can call type. In addition, frequently called numbers can be “tagged” with text descriptions for legibility.

Domestic Origination

  • Main Line VoIP can provide a local phone number in most locations throughout the United States. That means we can provide a local presence anywhere without call forwarding.

International Termination

  • Main Line VoIP offers least cost routing to international sites throughout the world.

SIP Trunking

  • Have your own system, and want to realize the flexibility and cost savings of business quality IP? we offer ATA and SIP gateway devices, or you can connect your SIP enabled system to our network.

Toll Free Numbers

  • Utilize one or multiple Toll Free numbers which may be routed to a specific local number, auto attendant, group or queue.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

  • We seamlessly integrate your Microsoft Outlook contacts into your Office extension. Incoming calls are displayed with screen pops based on your Outlook Contacts. Outlook Integration also places a button on your Outlook program so you can place calls directly from your address book.

API Integration

  • Main Line VoIP can provide plugins for applications like, Microsoft Outlook, and other apps and plugins. Our API integration will soon enable third party developers to integrate with their applications, platforms and services.